The SEOCA Project Annual Conference was held in Tashkent between 28-30 March 2011. Dr. KOYUNCU and Ms. SEVÜK of JeoDijital participated to the conference and made several presentations on satellite remote sensing, digital image processing technologies and EO.


Dr. Hayati Koyuncu has delivered a training seminar on the dynamic geological modelling of the ore resources and estimation as part of the winter seminar series at the Turkish Association of Economic Geologists on 25th January 2014. For more information;


3rd Geological Remote Sensing Symposium of Turkey (JEOUZAL-2014) will be held between 13-14 March 21014, Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey. JeoDijital will attend and contribute to the symposium by taking part at the exhibition and company presentation session. We invite all to visit us and take a look at to our expedited dynamic geological modelling...

TUFUAB – 2015

Turkey National Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Association Symposium was held in Konya between 21-23 May 2015 with Selçuk University hosted. JeoDijital attended the symposium by taking part at the exhibition.

Processing SAR data

In this course participants learnt how to use the SARscape module of ENVI to generate meaningful SAR products from different kinds of SAR data. The course was held in Switzeland.