JEODIJITAL provides professional earth observation (EO) and cutting-edge 3D geological modelling software tools and services, and related cutting-edge technologies. Our main mission is to provide cutting-edge technology based solutions in the exploration and 3D geological modeling of mineral and energy resources, and the environment. And thereby, enhance and support intelligent decision making processes in the management of Earth’s resources and the monitoring of the environment.

Established in 2000, we have become a local leader in application of remote sensing, geo-modelling and related technologies for the exploration and management of earth resources. JEODIJITAL specializes in a unique range of expertise, ranging from satellite imagery and geo-data acquisition, value added processing and analysis and software distribution to the provision of turn-key technical assistance projects, geo-modelling software systems, training, capacity building, implementation support and consultancy services. JEODIJITAL is based in Ankara, Turkey. The service area covers rather a large geographic area including Turkey and the neighboring Turkic Republics in Caucasus and Central Asia.